4pic3Dr. Debi Yohn, Inc. offers two versions of a confidential coaching and counseling program for students, young adults, and their parents. Dr. Yohn is the exclusive resource for those who enroll in the program. Program Objectives:
  • Provide real-time consulting help confidentially on issues and concerns currently confronting participants.
  • Establish longer-term professional and personal strategies, individualized for the participant.
  • Allow maximum flexibility-unlimited access for time frames that meet the participant's needs.
  • Provide maximum responsiveness-phone calls returned within 90 minutes, email returned the same day, faxes and correspondence reviewed and replied to within 24 hours of receipt. (For continental U.S. participants only. Overseas participants create mutually-agreeable schedules.)
  • Utilize technology for client convenience-the personalized coaching is available no matter where the participant is at the moment of need, and no travel costs are necessary.
  • Dr. Yohn is Dr. Mom. She motivates, empowers and helps organize. Dr. Yohn is a communicator and works well with the school systems, the parents and the students.
I first met Debi when I was having trouble with my son. I was cynical at first- however my cynicism turned to surprise when I listened to my son open up to Debi and describe some of the internal torment he was feeling. I have learned a lot from Debi and her sound, practical advice has been invaluable to me. My son and I owe Debi a lot. Thanks, AW

Typical participant profile:

  • College students and their parents who have the financial resources for personal coaching.
  • Need for independent, objective coaching on either school ssues or personal issues to enhance competence, performance, and life success.
  • Accepts feedback well, willing to change behavior and/or think about issues in a new context. * Results-oriented and pragmatic.
  • Requires assistance with specific issues and/or with long-term plans, or needs a sounding board to ensure validity of current behaviors and performance.
  • Needs confidential help during key times, with a fast response. Dr. Yohn has the clinical expertise and the school of life expertise.

About Dr. Debi Yohn

Dr. Debi Yohn is an accomplished international counseling psychologist; author, mentor, former college freshman mom and speaker with 32 years of experience helping students get the most out of their education. She began her career in psychology helping students in the rural south overcome obstacles to their education. As she continued her work, she lived in Saudi Arabia for 7 years where she provided academic assistance to English speaking students facing a variety of academic and personal challenges that were negatively impacting their educational success. Back in the U.S., working for 2 Fortune 500 organizations, she built and supervised teams of therapists throughout the U.S. providing therapy and counseling for families dealing with parenting, schooling, and behavioral adjustment issues. During her next assignment in Shanghai, China, she developed a private practice serving the families of English-speaking expatriates. Her work with the 300,000 members of that community included helping families adjust to the difficult educational challenges that arise for families when students go to school and socialize in a foreign country. She is the founding board member for "Lifeline Shanghai," an English speaking 911 service to help expatriates in need. She has always felt that life teaches us what we need to learn. She believes that finding ways to learn those lessons quickly helps improve the overall quality of the college educational experience. Fortunately, in our complicated, overscheduled, and often crazy world, Dr. Yohn teaches specific strategies to bring joy, serenity and college success. She has written and lectured on a wide variety of subjects related to college success, parenting, mental health, adjusting to change, dealing with loss of a loved one and strategies for a success filled life.

Her books include:

College Students: 29 Winning Strategies for Success Parenting College Students: 27 Winning Strategies for Success Relationships in College: 25 Winning Strategies for Success
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Program specifics:

Our program is currently closed. We are excepting applications for 2009.

The program runs for 30-day intervals. If multiple intervals are booked, discounts can be obtained. The number of available coaching slots is limited. Onsite Assessment: Dr. Yohn will meet individually with the parents and the student onsite at the college. A joint session will follow with both the parents and the student to review the goals for that school year. A similar session can be scheduled for the end of the school year. The fee for this assessment is $3500. Option #1: Up to two phone sessions and five emails a week received and returned within the client's business hours. Unlimited fax and conventional mail review and response. Fee for Option #1 is $1,200 per 30 day interval. Calls and emails are not cumulative and cannot be "carried over" to succeeding weeks. Onsite visit is an additional $3500. Option #2: Unlimited access. As many emails, phone calls, faxes, and letters as desired, with responses provided as needed and not subject to business hours (e.g., a weekend call may be required in anticipation of a Monday morning class or a weekend issue). Fee for Option #2 is $2,200 per 30 day interval. The $3500 assessment will be included if the first three months are paid in advance. Coaching sessions are available in 3 month commitments. Monthly payments are $1,200 for option # 1 and $2,200 for option #2. If you pay for 2 coaching months in advance, you receive a 5% discount; for three at a time, a 10% discount for four or more at a time, a 15% discount. In either option, calls are returned within 90 minutes and email within the same day. Conventional mail, courier packages, and faxes are reviewed and replied to within 24 hours of receipt.

How to enroll: Fill out this form to let us know about your college goals and what you'd like to receive from your Private Coaching Program - you can also email us at Our response will inform you as to whether we can meet your needs and, if so, when we can start the process. Once payment is made by check or credit card, we will set up an initial phone conversation to discuss your particular needs and how best to proceed. (Since participation is limited, there may be a waiting list at times.) Remember, this program is ideal for people who need situational, rapid, objective help from one of the top consultants and coaches in the country. Dr. Yohn can help with personal and emotional issues, career planning and life coaching. You will never deal with anyone other than Dr. Debi Yohn in this confidential program. She limits the number of clients she accepts so she can provide personal attention to everyone in her coaching program.
If you have any questions, contact Debi at CollegeWorks 101 Phone: 1-888-601-DEBI(3324) E-mail:
"Dr. Yohn recognizes the star in every student. By following her lead, a student can't help but experience success." Dina Burkitbayeva, Cornell "Dr. Debi Yohn can unlock the hidden talents of the college student." Virginia Sweeney, Columbia