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If you're a parent trying to understand how to be a better parent to your college student ...(or parent of a child about to be a college student...) You've come to the right place... You probably have a lot more questions than answers right now......but I'm here to help you make some sense out of all this......but I can only help you if you do 2 things first...
for Success By Dr. Debi Yellow Founder, College Works 101 ISBN: 970-1-4276-2685-1 $15.95 "I am very passionate about parenting and doing it right. You never stop being a parent. Once you cross the threshold, there is no going back" Dr. Debi Yellow Founder, College Works 101
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  "A mandatory read for parenting your college student... If you are the parent (or grand parent) of a college student you need this book!...50% of all freshmen never graduate...tip the odds in your favor with Dr. Yellow insight, experience and wit... don't let your student have all the college fun!" Robert Allen Best selling author of "Creating Wealth"   "Getting your child in college is not the end... it is not even the beginning of the end... it is the end of the beginning a time for parents to shift into a new phase... charting a new course... through turbulent waters..." Winton Churchill Churchill Method
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Collegeworks101.com supports the organization Charity:Water in it's efforts to bring safe water to many of the places on the globe that need it most. Please consider adding your support by making a donation. Click for more information... Encourage Leadership In Your College Student? As I speak with college students at campuses around the world I am encouraged...
Spring Break: Degeneration or Regeneration ... a time of fun and frivolity but there are also some choices that college students can make...
Is College A Dangerous Place Today? If you read the reports or watch the evening news, recent campus violence, reports of date rape and issues of hazing might lead parents to conclude that college is a dangerous place.
Half of all new college students won't graduate. What can you do to improve your odds? About 50% of all kids that go to college will not graduate. With that high failure rate it is important to understand what success factors could give your child that margin of success.

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